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Deep Scientific Search

We systematically find the exact papers you need to solve complex problems.

Unparalleled Search Quality

Our singular focus is search quality. We've designed innovative algorithms using language models that mimic a human's careful, systematic search process, achieving unprecedented accuracy and comprehensiveness in scientific search.

Complex topics

Undermind can understand incredibly complex search topics. You can describe exactly what you want, as if to a colleague.

Stunning accuracy

Undermind highlights the precise papers you should focus on and gives a clear explanation for each decision. It strongly filters out irrelevant results.


By tracking Undermind's discovery process, we can determine how many papers exist on your topic, and when they all have been found.

We benchmarked our first version of Undermind to be 10-50x better than Google Scholar. See our whitepaper.

Over 200 Million Articles

We cover all fields of science using the Semantic Scholar database, which contains PubMed, ArXiv, and many other databases.

Deep search can handle your complex problems